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                                      WORLD'S SUPERLATIVES


Country (in area)   ---- Russia          

Country(in population) ---- China

Continent (in population) -----Asia

City(in area) ------Mount Isa, Queensland (Astralia)
                                  41,225 sq.km.

Dam -------------------------Grand Be (USA)

Dome ------------------------Gol Gumbaz(India)

Irrigation Scheme -------------Lloyd Barage(Pakistan)

Island ------------------------Kalaallit Nunat

Library -----------------------National Kie Libruary(CIS)

Museum ---------------------American Museum of Natural History,
Ocean -----------------------Pacific

Palase----------------------- Vatican

Planet -----------------------Jupiter

Port -------------------------New York(USA)

Stamp----------------------- Penny Block

Zoo ------------------------ Krager National Park(S.Africa)


Airport    --------------------Lhasa(Tibet)

Active Volcano -----------------Guallatiri(Chile)

Bridge ----------------------------Milav (France) (1000 feet)

City ----------------------------Wenchuan(China)

Capital City --------------------La Paz (Bolivia)

Dam ---------------------------The Grands (Switzerland)

Dormant Volcano --------------Llullaillaco (Chile)(6,723 m)

Extinct volcano------------------Cerro Aconcagua,Argentina (6960 m)

Lake ----------------------------Taticaca,Peru-Bolivia

Mountain peak ------------------Everest (Nepal) (8848 m)

Mountain Range -----------------Himalayas (Asia)

Plateau --------------------------Pamir(Tibet)

Railway line ---------------------Lhasa to Xinings (China)
                                                         (5072 m height)
Road ---------------------------Leh Nobra Road (India )

Volcano ------------------------Kitopaxi(Ecuador)

Water fall ---------------------- Angel (Venezuela)


Cantilever Bridge --------------Quebec Bridge ,Canada

Canal (irrigation) ---------------The Kalakumsky Canal

Canal -------------------------Suez Canal

Epic --------------------------The Mahabharatam

Mountain range --------------Andes (South America)

Platform --------------------Kharagpur (india)

Railway platform -----------Kharagpur (India)

River ----------------------Nile (6679k m )

Railway ------------------- Trans Siberian Railway
                                          (Moscow to Nakhodka),9,438km
Reef -----------------------Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Snake ---------------------Anakonda

Water fall ------------------Angel (Venezuela)

Wall -----------------------Great wall of China,3460km.


Aeroplane ----------------- Air bus-380

Archipelago ---------------  Indonesia (3000 islands)

Airport --------King  Khalid International Airport,Suadi Arabia

Bird ---------------     Ostrich

Bay ---------------Hudson Bay( Northern Canada)

Beach -------------Virginia beach(USA)

Building ----------- Pentagon(USA)

Cathedral ---------Cathedral church

Church -----------St.Peter's Basilica(Rome)

Creature ---------Blue Whale

City --------------Tokyo (Japan)
                                    (in population)
City(in area) -------London (Britain)

Continent ---------Asia   (in area)

Country    ---------- China
                                        (in population)
Delta  -------------Sundarbans ( India)

Dome ------------ Astrodome (USA)

Desert ------------Sahara desert (Africa)

Electorate --------India

Epic --------------Mahabharath

Forest -----------Coniferous forest of Northern CIS

Gulf -------------Gulf of Mexico

Gorge  -----------Grand canyon,Colorado river , Arizona

Irrigation Scheme ---- Llyod Barrage (Pakistan)

Island ---------------Greenland (Renamed kalaallit Nunaat)

Lake ----------------Caspian Sea (Salt water)

Lake ----------------Lake Superior (Canada) (Fresh water)

Library ------------United states Library of Congress,

                                  Washington, DC

Land Animal   --------African Elephant

Museum  -------------American Museum of Natural History

Mosque -------------Jama Masjid, Delhi(India)

Ocean -------------- Pacific

Open University -------- Indira Gandhi National Open University
                                           (above 2 lakhs students)
Peninsula -------------Arabia ( area:3,250,000sq.km)

Park -----------------Yellow Stone National Park (USA)

Port ------------------Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Religion ---------------Christianity

River -----------------Amazon

Sea ------------------South China Sea

Stadium -------------Strahov Stadium,Prague,Czech

Sea Port -------------Port of New York

Sea bird ------------Albatross

Temple -------------Angkor Vat(Kampuchea)

Tree    --------------- General Sharman Tree, California

Zoo ---------------- Etosha Reserve (South West Africa)


Bird -----------------Humming bird

Country ------------- Vatican City

Country ------------- Vatican City
                                (both in area and population)
Continent ------------Australia

Ocean ----------------  Arctic

Planet ---------------- Mercury

Republic -------------  Nauru


Airport -----   Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam

Mountains ---------Bheinna Bhaile

Point on the earth ----- Dead sea(Israel-Jorden)


Animal ---------------------- Giraffe

Building --------------------- Burz (Dubai)

Fountain --------------------- Fountain hills (Arizona)

Minaret ---------------------- Sultan Hassan Mosque (Egypt)

Statue ------------------------ Motherland,Volgograd (Russia)

Tree (living)-------------------Coast Redwood, California,USA

ANIMALS (largest and biggest)

Fastest  animal at short run ----------Cheetah

Largest  existing land animal -------- Elephant

Largest sea animal -------------------- Blue Whale
Longest  lived  creature ------------- Blue whale(500 years)

Most Intelligent animal ------------- Chimpanzee

Tallest animal ------------------------ Girraffe

Largest bird -------------------------- Ostrich

Largest sea bird ---------------------Albatross

Fastest bird -------------------------- Swift

Largest mammal -------------------Whale

The Wingless bird or flightless bird --------Kiwi

The tree that weeps ----------------Laurel tree
                                                       (in the canary Islands)
Smallest bird ----------------------- Humming bird

Largest neck ----------------------- Giraffe

The reptile which chages its colour ------ Chameleon

The bird that never makes its nest ------- cuckoo


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  2. How is Caspian Sea considered the Largest salt water lake? What i know is, Caspian sea is less saline than all other lakes. With regard to surface exposition, Lake superior is the largest of lakes, while Lake Baikal is the deepest, but Caspian Sea by and large is the largest fresh water lake(relative when it comes to fresh water.That is the G K i have had from childhood, if it is changed, require statistics and data are to be furnished.

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lakes_by_area
    google as the argest lake dear or else use the above link